WWOOFing at R&B Organics

R&B Organics, south field

R&B Organics, south field

I’ve always enjoyed planting seeds and seedlings in newly turned earth. I patiently water and wait for the first signs of green springing forth from the soil. I think that it is absolute magic that each seed knows just what to do to grow into a full sized food-yielding plant.  It was because of this love of growing that I decided to take it a step further — from modest organic garden to small organic farm.

This year I join the WWOOF organization. For those of you that do not yet know, it stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. The program is set up as a network of volunteers and farms committed to sustainable organic practices. Owners of organic farms seek out long and short-term volunteers to help with any and all farm-related duties. In return for a half-day of hard work the volunteer receives valuable knowledge and room and board.

I found, to my surprise, that there was an organic farm five minutes from my house. After setting the day and time with the owner, Dan, I arrived at the R&B Farm to help out with soaking and separating celery seedling that needed to be planted a week ago. I worked mainly with Dan’s son Gavin. We worked opposite each other placing each of the single celery plants in neat rows about 200′ long. We completed the celery planting with two and half double rows and then moved the deep well sprinklers to give them a good drink.

There was always some little, but important side tasks to keep us moving along, but with the goal of the day reached they rewarded me with lots of fresh produce straight from the field. A wooden crate piled with broccoli, brussel sprouts, bib lettuce, red-leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, beets, radishes, mustard greens and strawberries. I was so proud of my contribution to their small farm and left with a wonderful organic bounty of produce. They will be seeing me again really soon.

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