Oveido Farmer’s Market with Dan from R&B Organics

This Saturday was different from my usually volunteering at the R&B Organics farm. Today I awoke at 4am to drive with Dan to a farmer’s market in Oveido. I’m an early riser, but this was a good two hours earlier than I usually get up for helping out at the farm.

Farmer’s markets are no stranger to me. I enjoy the fresh produce and raw honeys the best. But setting up the produce display and selling was completely new to me.

Dan seemed to be just as comfortable in this setting as he is on the farm. It took me maybe an hour to settle in and get the hang of how they operate.

I really enjoyed meeting different people and hearing the conversations about how they like coming to this market or that market to buy specifically from their favorite vendors.

Another thing that surprised me was that there were only two actual farmers in the entire market. The rest were just resellers. This is something I’ll be asking more about in the future. I did learn from Dan that a true farmer can’t always commit to being at the same farmer’s market every week due to the amount of work needed on the farm. It seems that the market coordinators rather have someone that will attend regularly over the unpredictable nature of farming life.

The day was beautiful and mild as we sold our vegetables under a large oak tree. The Oveido farmer’s market was a welcome brake from the hard work of working on the farm.

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