Scale Model: Exterior Walls

During the designing of the Arborion tiny house, I continue to make changes and improvements. However, the exterior walls, for the most part, are fairly straight forward. I’ll present the construction layers in a similar manner as the subfloor and point out several key points of interest that may be worth noting.

The exterior walls are constructed of the follow layers from the outside inward:

  1.  3/4″ cedar siding
  2.  storm guard underlayment
  3.  5/8″ high grade plywood
  4.  structural grade 2x4s
  5.  professionally installed closed-cell spray foam
  6.  1/2″ maple plywood (interior surface)

See previous post for subfloor attachment details – Scale Model: Subfloor




As I mentioned in my previous entry, the trailer I have selected is a 8′ x 20′ trailer built by Tiny Home Builders. The exterior wall thickness subtracted from from the wide flanges will give me just over 7′ of interior space. This is a minimum requirement for my design – especially in the tight kitchen (galley) area.

The exterior walls are a simple rectangle in layout except for a small 30″ x 36″ porch at the rear corner of the trailer. This location is also where the only door to the tiny house is found. There are a total of twelve windows to allow for maximum light while keeping a single long wall of the house virtually window-free. This side will be positioned facing north in colder climates or south in warmer climates to block cold north winds or hot summer sun respectively. The sleeping and storage lofts are integrated into the walls and roofing in order to tie everything in for maximum strength, but I will cover this more in my next post.




Next Up – Scale Model: Roof

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