Modifications & Personalizations

The Arborion design has evolved since my last posting. Several of the changes involve more storage, higher quality roofing and larger sleeping loft. The effects of these changes have also altered the general appearance of the the tiny home both inside and out.

Looking a bit more green.

Looking a bit more green.

The storage loft and sleeping loft now extend out from the main building an extra foot. This creates room for extra storage closets at both ends of the house without eating up interior space and provide a convenient ledge or shelf below the gable windows. In addition to the increased storage area I also just like the look it gives to Arborion from the outside. The sleeping loft has been extended an extra foot to be flush with the top of the wardrobe and upper kitchen cabinets.

Insulation wall

Insulation wall

Room has been allocated in the kitchen for a tall, slim fridge/freezer as well as a small propane oven/range. I have plans to install a reclaimed copper sink and faucet beside the oven and in front of the kitchen window. The shower I’d like to cover in micro slate tiles. These are composed of super thin slate adhered to polyester and capable of being bent along curved surfaces. The ability to use actual stone, but at a fraction of the weight. However, it is not cheap. Luckily nothing in a tiny home is all that big.

Passive solar wall

Passive solar wall

The utility closet located over the tongue of the trailer will be divided into left and right sections. The left will hold the circuit breaker access panel, controller, inverter and batteries. While the right section will hold the propane tank and tankless water heater. The roof will be covered with hundreds of interlocking aluminum shingles. Both light-weight and very durable, these shingles are incredible.

Utility closet located over the tongue of the trailer.

Utility closet located over the tongue of the trailer.

More on my roofing choice in my next post.

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4 thoughts on “Modifications & Personalizations

  1. Linda

    Are you going to do a post on off grid energy systems, such as solar power, generators, batteries and power inverters?

    • I will as I figure it out. Initially Arborion will be tied into electric and water utilities in order to keep the upfront cost of the construction manageable. I’m currently looking at going the route of solar panels, inverter and batteries.

  2. Raymond

    I hav e been reading about companies building solar panels with micro inverters already installed on the panel. Seems like that would be much more cost effective and easier to work with. When I built my home in NM I wanted to do the plumbing and electrics myself but you were required to use a licensed plumber and elecrician which was very espensive. I found out I could take a test for both and do it myself and doing that saved me a bundle. I don’t know what the rules are here in Florida but I would assume they are just about the same. The tests were not that hard, you just had to learn a lot of equations and state rules.

    • I just read an article in which scientists have combined the solar panel and battery into the same component. Exciting breakthrough for lowering cost and increasing performance.

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