Aluminum Shingles

After just over a year of researching every aspect of tiny house building I could wrap my head around I arrived at a decision for the roofing material for the Arborion design. I knew I wanted a metal roof, but I was not sold on the exposed screws with rubber washers. I have read that the rubber will break down much faster than the metal roof leaving holes around the base of every screw. Holes where water can work its way under the metal roofing. This  means that over the life of your metal roof you will have to repair this issue eventually. There are some standing seam roofing systems that overlap the screws that secure it to the roof sheathing. This was honestly an option until I found a reference by the Drunken Pixie team, Ana and Ryan, about the Aluminum Shingle Company based out of Utah.

The flashing for their Perma-Lock Aluminum Shingle system forms a frame around which the shingles fill, overlap and lock each other shingle on all four sides. Each shingle usually only takes one aluminum nail and that is then covered by the next course of shingles. The Perma-Lock system is Miami-Dade approved and rating for wind speeds up to 160 MPH. They are made of a light weight aluminum alloy and comes in eight finishes. The only down side is the cost and even that is reasonable when you consider that an aluminum shingle roof is rated for 50+ years. I am glad to be roofing a tiny house instead of a 2000 square foot home.

The eight finishes that the Aluminum Shingle Company currently offers.

The eight finishes that the Aluminum Shingle Company currently offers.

The Aluminum Shingle Company also offers copper shingles. And I must admit  I was tempted to go for this option, but after some pricing and calculations I found that the copper shingles were about 2 1/2 times the weight and more than 4 times the cost. I do like the classic look of a worn copper roof, but between the cost and weight I had to choose the aluminum shingles. The copperish-brown aluminum shingles may be a option for some, but I found the sample to be a poor substitute for the true copper it was imitating.

Three squares of Forest Green aluminum shingles with flashing and ridge tiles.

Three squares of Forest Green aluminum shingles with flashing and ridge tiles.

My order was not difficult to figure out, but it did take some time to feel confident I was not forgetting any small details. I definitely recommend checking and double-checking all your calculations before ordering.

I also recommend asking them to include color-matched touch-up paint as some of the trim may get scuffed in transit or perhaps even during installation.

That’s all for roofing for now. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below I will do my best to answer or respond. Next time I will talk a bit about windows.


Aluminum Shingle Company

Drunken Pixie



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