Trailer Delivery

My tiny house trailer has arrived! As I sit at my desk typing this update, I am also gazing out my window at the tiny house trailer in my backyard. It’s really here, parked in my backyard — finally!

Charlie from Tiny House Builders came yesterday to deliver my trailer. He could not get it into the exact position I will need it in order to start the construction due to the size of his truck, but I am confident that with a few friend’s help that we will be able to maneuver it into place. When you have as many trees in your backyard as I do, you may as well expect some challenges getting something as large as a 20′ trailer into place.

Lifesize Floorplan being put to use once again for determining trailer placement

Lifesize Floorplan being put to use once again for determining trailer placement

Scout (my dog) is supervising the trailer placement process. I mean, just look at that smile. She can not wait to live in the tiny house.

An overall view of the trailer.

An overall view of the trailer.

As you can see I will need to straighten up the position of the trailer before I can start the build.

Wheel well fins

Wheel well fins

Flange reinforcements run the length of both 20' sides at 2' intervals.

Flange reinforcements run the length of both 20′ sides at 2′ intervals.

Front of trailer or Back of Tiny House

Front of trailer or Back of Tiny House

All in all, I am very impressed with the construction of the entire trailer. I am in the process of adjusting my floorplan slightly to accommodate for small discrepancies of the actual trailer dimensions and my initial estimates. The modifications I requested to the flanges, wheel well fins and upgraded axles, all look to be made with care and of the highest quality. I highly recommend considering Tiny Home Builders when shopping for custom Tiny Home Trailers.

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8 thoughts on “Trailer Delivery

  1. Anthony

    Am mitigating the facts of the rv 5th wheel & this ; in essence it is all relatively the same concepts. Actually am into more space ; why not go 35 ; 48 ; 53 ; 60 ft trailer even. Then we’re at ‘he same concept mobile home. Love it all .

  2. Anthony, you can go as large as you feel comfortable. I’m choosing to go as small as I dare in order to conserve money, weight and just for the pure minimalism. The challenge of living with less really resonates with me. I love that the tiny house movement leaves room for exploration and DIY approaches. I look forward to seeing your build.

  3. Sabrina Fay

    I am so happy for you! Thank you for including lots of pictures…I can’t wait to see it in person in a month. I’ve already got my plane tickets :-)

    • I hope to have some progress to show off by then. Let me know if you want to help out. Lots of work to be done to finish the dry-in phase of construction.

      • Sabrina

        Of course; I’d love to help. Let’s discuss details in a few days. I’ve almost kicked this flu.

  4. Congrats on the new trailer! How exciting!

  5. Daniel

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait to see it and help too! I think after a steak and a few beers we can get that trailer in place ;)

    • I’ll supply the steak and beer. I have the trailer counterbalanced where I can lift the tongue with a single finger, but rolling or pivoting the heavy trailer on soft ground is beyond my strength alone.

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