Cedar Shakes Addendum

At the time of posting Cedar Shakes I had not entirely finished installing ALL the shakes. The vertical wall sections between the dormers and the gable roofs were planned to be covered in shakes as well. Some may have noticed the naked gray underlayment for several posts now as I built up my courage.  I still had left the four small, innocent triangle shapes that result from my split level roof. I admit I was not looking forward to this one small detail for a number of reasons.

  • Safely remaining on a 45 degree aluminum roof line while using tools
  • Restricted movement while laying on roof swinging a hammer and using other tools due to tight spaces
  • Working on a metal roof during a Florida Summer
  • Accurately communicating all dimensions verbally for each shake I needed OR
  • Making hundreds of trips up and down the roof and ladder (safely)

Some of these we were able to solve or at least make a bit more bearable. The safety issue was resolved with the help of my Dad’s ingenuity. He came up with a rig made from scrap plywood and lumber, a moving blanket, rope, clamps and cargo straps that made the job much safer. In short, he McGyverer the solution. Some of the direct heat from the Florida sun could be shaded with another well positioned moving blanket. My Dad manned the miter saw as I called out the dimensions and described what I wanted. After completing our first triangle of shakes we both had a better understanding of what we each needed to make the job go smoother and developed a system.


Prepping for the triangle shakes by filling the eves with spray foam and ridged insulation

Perched on the safety rig

Perched on the safety rig

Working in the shade

Working in the shade

Once the sun passed overhead I could shift the blanket and let in a breeze

Once the sun passed overhead I could shift the blanket and let in a breeze

First triangle completed - three more to go

The fourth and last triangle completed

It was a huge relief to see these triangles all covered in cedar shakes and know that we are one big step closer to finishing the exterior of Arborion.

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2 thoughts on “Cedar Shakes Addendum

  1. Daniel

    Love the Safety Rig and the results!

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