Pressure Testing & Insulation Prep

The countdown has started for the closed-cell spray foam installation. This will be the first, and probably only, step of the tiny house construction that I will sub-contract to professionals. The plan is to have Icynene insulation applied to all exterior walls and roof in the last half of February. To be ready for this step the rough-in plumbing, propane, and electrical must be complete. Once the spray foam is installed there is almost no chance for corrections. There will be more on why I chose to use Icynene insulation in a later post.

The main test that had to be conducted was a pressure test on the plumbing lines inside the walls. Due to the shower assembly, this is the only spot where there are any Pro Pex fittings within the walls. These fittings are the only ones that I will be unable to access after the spray foam installation. After several overnight tests and replacing the shower faucet neck, we finally had a successful week long pressure test at 50psi.


Pressure testing the entire plumbing system


Pressure testing the plumbing inside the walls with air

In the meantime, several other small projects needed to be addressed to be ready for the spray foam as well. Boxes were built to enclosed the wheel wells and receive insulation. The flush mount porch light was hung and boxed in since the area over the porch would also be spray foamed.


Wheel well boxes


Tight fit with front door open


Completed wheel well box

Work has taken place in the utility annex as well. The Ecco Temp L5 tankless water heater was installed. Also, the electrical panel was framed in and fitted.


Electrical panel



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