Insulation Installation

The choice of using a closed-cell spray foam insulation for Arborion did not come easy. I logged countless hours of research into many of the more commonly used tiny house insulation options. The main points I considered was cost, R-value, environmentally friendly, weight, ease of installation, water absorption/mildew.

Closed-cell spray foam was definitely the most expensive option because it requires professionals to install it properly. The R-value is the best by far achieving a rating of 21 in the 3.5″ cavities of the walls and roofs. Although the foam itself is not environmentally friendly, if used responsibly it can provided a life-time of energy savings. The weight is slightly heavier than other insulation, but that was a minor difference. The installation is part of what makes this insulation so expensive, but that makes the installation effortless on my part. The closed-cell spray foam was the only insulation that does not absorb any water meaning it also provides a waterproof seal. There was even a bonus advantage of this particular choice – added structural strength. It’s hard to explain just how much more rigid this dense foam has made everything, but think of a lightweight glue holding every structural component in it’s place. One last detail I’d like to share is that this stuff is messy until you get the interior wall sheathing up.

Having been through the experience, I would highly recommend giving closed-cell spray foam your consideration. If you are in central Florida then ask Tailored Foam any of your spray foam questions.


Tailored Foam installers Jose and Joey

Thank you Joey and Jose for your excellent work and attention to detail.


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