Making room for less stuff

This weekend Carrie and I addressed our built-in storage areas and their intended purposes. In order to make sure that there will be enough room for our necessities and to make sure that we both feel comfortable with the spacing and arrangement of all the cabinets and other built-its, we created cardboard versions of most of the pieces.

Kitchen Cabinets – dishes, pots, utensils, food pantry, small appliances, cleaning supplies, garbage/recycling/compost bins


Kitchen sink upper and lower cabinets


Tansu Stairs – clothes, shoes, broom closet


First design of tansu stairs


Folding Table – eating, working, art and project center


Folding table

Extendable Futon (Sun Bench) – sitting and reading area, Scout’s bed underneath, pull out bed

Linen Cabinet – towels, wash clothes, cleaning

Bathroom Vanity –  toiletries, grooming

Foot Lockers – storage loft and bedroom storage

Storage Loft – misc. storage

We were able to find out the many key things by conducting this practice. The most important discovery was the best size steps to build on the tansu stairs for the amount of floor space we were willing to give up. This also lead to the number of steps and the size of the storage area underneath. Other useful findings included counter height,  the location of the kitchen faucet and knobs along with the optimal sink size.


Kitchen sink mockup


Folding table extended


Kitchen sink upper and lower cabinets and tansu stairs


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6 thoughts on “Making room for less stuff

  1. I’d live in a cardboard box with you <3

  2. Joey Gomez

    Looking good

  3. Emily

    What a great way to see if everything fits!

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