Maple & Walnut Walls

For several weekends my Dad and I have been installing lightweight 1/2″ plywood as the finished walls inside the tiny house Arborion. Other than a few trim pieces, the walls are complete. Many of the pieces were fairly complex. They required careful measuring and several trips back to the work area under my carport to fine tune the shaping of each section. Like the ceiling, each section was installed one piece at a time with super construction adhesive and finish nails.


My Dad applying construction adhesive before attaching the maple plywood panel

My brother, Daniel, was able to to help out during the first weekend of wall installation which was awesome. Having an extra set of hands and eyes on some of these large intricate sections was very helpful.


Daniel and Dad working together on a complicated panel section

The walnut portion of the walls make up the lower 30 inches in a wainscot sort of appearance, while the maple fills the rest of the walls and ceiling. I am currently in the time consuming process of filling the small nail holes in preparation for the finishes I will be applying soon.


Walnut panels in the bathroom


Back of Arborion and bathroom


Front of Arborion and reading nook


Wall sections complete

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4 thoughts on “Maple & Walnut Walls

  1. Looks very nice!

  2. Love the door!

  3. Daniel

    Wow! You guys have done a lot of work since I was there last. The walls look amazing and so clean. Very excited to visit again soon

  4. Nik Summers



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    Nik Summers
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