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Weathering the Storm

As Hurricane Matthew moved northward up the eastern coast of Florida, we prepared for the storm. Forecasts predicted a category 4 with sustained winds in excess of 100 mph. After securing the main house with storm shutters my Dad helped me to strap down Arborion.

As tough as this tiny house is built I did not want to take any chances. We removed the AC unit from the dormer window so it could be shut up tight.


AC unit removed form dormer window

Next we used earth anchors at each corner of the trailer and attached them to the trailer frame with steel cord and saddle clamps.


Earth anchors


Securely attached to the trailer frame


Steel cord and double saddle clamps

And finally I let out some of the air from the tires to keep the trailer from “bouncing” in the wind. This placed more of the weight on the jack stands.

Arborion withstood the hurricane force winds without damage and for that I am very grateful.

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